Peat plaster-paint / 5L
Peat plaster-paint / 5L
Peat plaster-paint / 5L
Peat plaster-paint / 5L

Peat plaster-paint / 5L

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The Peat plaster-paint is made using special mixture of peat. After many years of experience and experiments the idea was to make a perfect peat paint for usage in art, paintings and background structure as well.

The amount available is quite limited because it is made only by artist hands. Each blend is unique and must be adaptable for volume you choose.

Packed in 5L plastic bucket.
Water based natural peat mixture.
It dries in aproximately 8-14 hours.
It can be stored for up to 1 year (at least).
Tools and skin can be easily washed with clean water.

Can be used on concrete, brick wall, gypsum board and wood.
Before to use the surface must be clean from dust and Impregnated with deep primer.
To get most suitable content for finishing techniques can be mixed with water.
Can be used with scraper and spray machine or even with bare hands.

After application possible to sanding, polishing, impregnated with oil or paint.
​Acoustic properties is equivalent to wood.
Possible to mix with pigments.