Peat project "12 sculptures from 12 artists for 12 months"

The film shows process of making 12 peat sculptures, starting from peat mining in the field, handling by hand and drying. Then followed by a peat processing, so that it can be used by artists in the open air plenary which is dedicated for sculpture creation. When the idea of sculptures are born, the artists begin to work towards peat blocks by carving, gluing and shaping them. After the open-air, where sculptures were created, follows the exhibition at Rundāles palace garden. The sculptures are immortalized in 2012th annual calendar of Ltd Laflora representing 12 months of the year. Sculptures created by: Liga Juksa, Maris Upzars, Elga Grinvalde, Matiass Jansons, Dmitry Lavrentjev, Martins Civlis, Edgars Ameriks, Roberts Jansons, Janis Jekabsons, Rudite Jekabsone, Kristaps Strauts, Kalvis Zalitis, Nataly Demshova, Leonid Medvedsky, Verners Lazdans, Nataly Bessonova.


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